In Design Interactions we explore new roles, contexts and approaches for interaction design in relation to the social, cultural and ethical impact of existing and emerging technologies. Projects, which are often speculative and critical, aim to inspire debate about the human consequences of different technological futures — both positive and negative. Students work closely with experts outside the College, designing for the complex, troubled people we are, rather than the easily satisfied consumers and users we are supposed to be. Project outcomes are expressed through a variety of media — including prototypes, simulations, video and photography.


Professor Anthony Dunne
Head of Programme



Professor Anthony Dunne
Head of Programme

Noam Toran
Senior Tutor

Fiona Raby

James Auger
Tutor / Research

Nina Pope

David Muth
Software Tutor

Tom Hulbert
Electronics Tutor

David Benqué
Visiting Tutor / Studiolab

Tobias Revel
Visiting Tutor

Joseph Popper
Visiting Tutor

Nick Mortimer
Visiting Tutor

Yuri Suzuki
Visiting Tutor

Mark McKeague
Visiting Tutor

Mike Vanis
Intel Technologist in Residence

Sarah Teasley
CHS Tutor

Tim Olden
Technology Coordinator
the Schools of Architecture and Design

Diana Tanase
Network Assistant

Brigitte Lelievre

Adrianna Palazzolo

Clive Van Heerden
External Examiner


James Bridle
Artist and Writer

Arturo Casini
Imperial College London

David Chatting

Kafai Choi

Dr. Tom Ellis
Lecturer in Synthetic Biology
Imperial College London

James Field
Imperial College London

Derek Frampton

Andy Friend

Josef Hargrave
Arup Foresight

Nelly Ben Hayoun
Experience Designer 

Sam Hecht
Industrial Facility

Graham Hudson

Marguerite Humeau

Anab Jain

Charlotte Jarvis

Kirsten Jensen
Senior Research Officer
Imperial College London

Torange Khonsari
Public Works

Raphael Kim
Biohacker and Designer

Lucy Kimbell
Associate Fellow,
Saïd Business School,
University of Oxford

Andreas Lang
Public Works

Alex Mcdowell
Production Designer

Matthew Murdoch

Justin Pickard

Jorg Piegl

Matthew Plummer Fernandez
Artist and Designer

Sitraka Rakotoniaina
Director, Nexus Interactive Arts

Catherine Rossi
Design Historian

Jana Scholze
Curator, Victoria and Albert Museum

Scott Smith
Critical Futurist

Atau Tanaka
Director of Culture Lab,
Newcastle University

Per Tingleff
Director and Camera Man

Filip Visnjic
Creative Applications

Professor Cynthia Weber
International Relations,
University of Sussex

Ke Yan Wen
Imperial College London

Duncan Wilson
Intel Collaborative Research Institute
for Sustainable Connected Cities

Liam Young
Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today


What happens when you decouple design from the marketplace, when rather than making technology sexy, easy to use and more consumable, designers use the language of design to pose questions, inspire, and provoke — to transport our imaginations into parallel but possible worlds?

Our research explores new ways design can make technology more meaningful and relevant to our lives, both now, and in the future, by thinking not only about new applications but implications as well.

It focuses on exploring interactions between people, science and technology on many different levels. We’re concerned not only with the expressive, functional and communicative possibilities of new technologies but also with the social, cultural and ethical consequences of living within an increasingly technologically mediated society.

We do this through design-led research projects which are disseminated internationally through exhibitions, publications and conferences. Our research is funded through a mixture of research council, European Union, cultural, academic and industrial organisations.

As well as working on applied research exploring themes and topics developed with external partners, we are working towards establishing a theoretical framework for conceptual, critical and speculative design practices in relation to science and technology.

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Intel Corporation


Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation, Imperial College London


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