A Door to a Special Place

By Anastasia Vikhornova

‘A Door to a Special Place’ started as an experiment and was inspired by a conversation about alternative methods of future prediction.

The aim of the experiment was to deconstruct the learnt logic in the thought processes of scientists by accessing their subconscious.

Scientists from different backgrounds such as a biology, computer science, astrophysics were invited to go through the guided imagery sessions led by the hypnotherapist.

My aim is to give an understanding and insight into the current dreams, hopes and fears of the population in regards to the future. To find out whether the background and professional practice of the contributors directly affect their visions of possible future scenarios.

Collected stories documented through the sessions build an imaginary space where each participant contributes to an overall picture of this ‘clumsy’ world.

The film captures the moment when the scientists come together and await their sessions. Film offers an array of surreal ideas about probable futures on the subjects of geopolitics, future devices, alternative energy, landscape, family and interplanetary expansion.