INDIVICRACY: Tale of a Future Government

By Alexa Pollmann

Indivicracy is the tale of a vagrant future government emerging as the amount of individuals who must trespass territorial borders reaches unsustainable numbers. Presenting characters of a mobile collective that have forged a statehood without defined territory, Indivicracy focuses on a new set of values brought about by technology. The plot revolves around initial legal constrictions that cause those involved to adapt a vagrant lifestyle, establish new traditions and form the custom of distinct body-vehicles. The motivations that prompt the creation of this new system are revealed along a speculative timeline and illustrated in six chapters of state history.

At its heart, Indivicracy mirrors the challenges caused by globalisation and technological evolution. Although marginalised today, migratory existence is most likely to increase over the next decades – the result of itinerant working conditions, diasporas caused by political and environmental pressures and technology-triggered changes in our behavioral patterns.