Jennifer Lyn Morone, Inc.

By Jennifer Morone

JLM Inc is a new business, established to determine the value of an individual. The corporation derives value from three sources and legally protects and bestows rights upon the total output of Jennifer Lyn Morone:

1. Past experiences and present capabilities. These are offered as biological, physical and mental services such as genes, labour, creativity, blood, sweat and tears. 
2. Selling future potential in the form of shares.  
3. Accumulation, categorisation and evaluation of data that is generated as a result of Jennifer Lyn Morone’s life. 

Currently, we do not own our identity nor control our data shadows that are created and captured by modern technology and sold for profit by governments and industry. Establishing a human as a corporation allows assets to be sold and data becomes company property. In this way, the whole process of resources, production and ownership is rightly reclaimed by the individual. 

Director: Ilona Gaynor
Editing: Ilona Gaynor
Grip: Naama Schendar, Rachel Knoll, Rodrigo Lebrun
Subtitles: Rodrigo Lebrun

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