Lost Cause Inc.

By Lana Z Porter & Channing Ritter

Social media has facilitated a mass migration from the street to the Net, turning rally cries into clicks and homemade banners into tweets. Twitter offers its users a platform through which to express themselves quickly and prolifically, bypassing the need for a physical forum or an audience present to listen. With self-expression de-coupled from the embodied here and now, it is easy to feel like one has participated without having done much at all.

Every day, 500 million tweets disappear into the ether. Some of them could have been protests. Lost Cause Inc archives and revives “lost” protests by aggregating, filtering, and realizing tweets that use the hashtags #angry, #problems, and #stop. On Twitter, expressions of discontent about the world range from the exceedingly banal to the earnest or even dire. Lost Cause sees all tweets as opportunities for flesh-and-blood protests, taking each tweet seriously regardless of the subject matter.

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