Objects designed as props for scientists

By Daniel Tauber

From the Design & Crime Series.

Can speculative design be used as a tool to imagine future crimes? These three objects led to the discovery that through using synthetic biology DNA-Profiling can be subverted. 

Biotechnologies are moving out of the lab and onto the street. The cost per genome-sequencing is dropping faster then Moore’s Law. Genetic information is going to play a crucial role in health, insurance, criminality, identification, evidence, ancestry and paternity amongst others.

What happens when the “your DNA will be your data” slogan will become present reality? People will want to protect their genetic information.

These three bespoke objects have specific functions that are designed for an expert audience. Cross references of domesticity, lab equipment and DIY custom elements hint a semi-legal character. How vulnerable are today’s biosecurity systems to subversion?

In collaboration with people and organizations that decided to remain anonymous.