The Code of Things to Come

By Daniel Tauber

From the Design & Crime Series.

Five fictional short stories. Edited by Daniel Tauber. Written by Alex Burrett, Debbie Ding, Brandon Walder and Sabine Magnet.

Biotechnologies are moving out of the lab and onto the street. The cost per genome-sequencing is dropping faster then Moore’s Law. Genetic information is going to play a crucial role in health, insurance, criminality, identification, evidence, ancestry and paternity amongst others.

What happens when the “your DNA will be your data” slogan will become present reality? People will want to protect their genetic information.

These stories give context to a future yet to occur.

“Passages” by Brandon Walder
Murderers on the Orient Express” by Alex Burrett
“The Ballad of Pedro Onflay” by Alex Burrett
“The Basement of Saint DNA” by Debbie Ding
“The Prognosis” by Sabine Magnet