What If Not

By Lukas Franciszkiewicz & Lana Z Porter

What If Not” suggests a set of strategies for adapting to a constantly changing social, technological, and biological environment. Using Victor Turner’s concept of liminality, it examines how being on a threshold, or “in-between,” is an opportunity to experiment with new interactions and behaviors that help manage the uncertainty that accompanies change. Moments of everyday liminality allow us to ask — and attempt to answer — the question “What if not?”

Interviews with individuals who occupy in-between spaces in their everyday lives inspire scenarios in which the rules and roles of reality are suspended. The scenarios are expressed as nine-channel film collages in which traditional, linear story lines are stripped down into basic filmic elements, revealing slices of alternative realities that invite viewers to speculate about changing conditions in their own lives.


Lukas Franciszkiewicz'S

1:1 – There Are no Miniatures in Nature

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